Wellness Connections

Welcome to Wellness Connections!


We consider life to be a journey, not a destination.  We would like to partner with you in maintaining the best life style possible in all phases of your journey. We are focused on providing expert, contemporary medical care.  Whether providing information or treatment, we feel the best care is provided through careful listening to our patients’ issues and applying compassionate, professional medical care.

One of our specialties is Minimally Invasive Surgery with emphasis on state of the art robotic surgery.  Our goal is to change the experience of surgery to provide a minimum amount of discomfort with the best possible outcome.

Many stages of life often considered an illness or condition, are normal, natural processes.  Whether caring for you in puberty, during child bearing years or menopause; comfortable, quality medical care is our tradition and passion.

Continuity of Care

This practice has provided over twenty years of continuous service to our community, often spanning several generations within a family.

No matter what stage of life you are in, our practice is dedicated to providing continuous expert care throughout your journey.

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