The Importance of Weight Management and Exercise – Some Practical Advice

Over the past 3 decades, the prevalence of overweight and obesity has increased dramatically in the United States. A study published in 2016 showed the age-adjusted prevalence of obesity in 2013–2014 was 35% among men and 40.4% among women.

It comes as no surprise that increased reliance on inexpensive fast foods coupled with progressively more sedentary lifestyles have been implicated as causative factors.

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Factors Influencing Repeated Teenage Pregnancy

Factors influencing repeated teenage pregnancy: a review and meta-analysis

Existing evidence of predictors of repeated teenage pregnancy has not been assessed rigorously. This systematic review provides a comprehensive evaluation of protective and risk factors that are associated with repeated teenage pregnancy through a metaanalytical consensus

Presented at the 15th World Congress on Public Health, Melbourne, Australia, April 3-7, 2017 by

Joemer C. Maravilla, RN, James C. Maravilla, RN, Kim S. Betts, PhD, Rosa Alati, Phd, and Camila Couto e Crus

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