Syphilis Spike – Prenatal Care is Critical!

A spike in syphilis puts prenatal care in focus

Fifteen years ago, reported cases of syphilis in the United States were so infrequent that public health officials thought it might join the ranks of malaria, polio, and smallpox as an eradicated disease.

That turned out to be wishful thinking.

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, between 2012 and 2015, the overall rates of syphilis in the United States increased by 48%, while the rates of primary and secondary infection among women spiked by 56%. That was a compelling enough rise, but fresh data from the agency indicate that the overall rates of syphilis increased by 17.6% between 2015 and 2016, and by 74% between 2012 and 2016.

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Trimester Zero: (Part 1) Pregnancy wellness begins before the positive pregnancy test.

This article, appearing in the March 2017 issue of Contemporary OB/GYN and written Yalda Afshar MD PhD and Christina S Han MD, cites preconception care as primary prevention.

The goal is to affirm pregnancy intention, reduce any potential harm, and recognize modifiable risk factors related to pregnancy while stratifying pregnancies on a continuum of low- to high-risk.

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A Randomized Clinical Trial of Exercise During Pregnancy to Prevent Gestational Diabetes Mellitus and Improve Pregnancy Outcome in Overweight and Obese Pregnant Women


We sought to test the efficacy of regular exercise in early pregnancy to prevent gestational diabetes mellitus in Chinese overweight/obese pregnant women.

Chen Wang, PhD1, Yumei Wei, MD1, Xiaoming Zhang, MD, Yue Zhang, MD, Qianqian Xu, MD, Yiying Sun, MD, Shiping Su, BS, Li Zhang, BS, Chunhong Liu, BS, Yaru Feng, BS, Chong Shou, PhD, Kym J. Guelfi, PhD, John P. Newnham, MD, PhD, Huixia Yang, MD, PhD
Correspondence information about the author MD, PhD Huixia Yang

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These authors contributed equally to this article.

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Birth Defects Found in 10% of Confirmed U.S. Zika Pregnancies

Birth defects found in 10% of confirmed U.S. Zika pregnancies
Publish date: April 5, 2017
By: M. Alexander Otto

About 1 in 10 pregnant women with confirmed Zika infection in the United States had a fetus or baby with Zika-related birth defects in 2016, officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported.

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